Tissot Visodate SeaStar Seven

Sometimes nothing embodies the timeless and beautiful engineering of a watch like a classic workhorse movement. This Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven with its 784-1 caliber fits that bill. Made in the 1960s this 21 Jewel automatic movement was designed and built to work forever. It doesn’t have the fancy Geneva Stripes or perlage seen on many higher end movements, but this thing works perfectly. A quick disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and I didn’t even need to touch the regulator for perfect timing results. The movement came back to life as if it had been in suspended animation for 50 years. The only non-standard thing I needed to do was tighten what is known as the cannon pinion which is the part responsible for carrying the minute hand (if you ever notice that when setting a vintage watch it feels incredibly loose, chances are the cannon pinion could use a quick tightening.) Once I got it running again I put the whole thing back together and I think it looks amazing. Enjoy!

Tissot 741-1  Tissot Full View  Tissot Front

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