1966 Vintage Omega Caliber 560 with Linen Dial

Omega Linen Dial Feature

The time has finally come where I am posting about the same movement twice. This Omega has a Caliber 560 exactly like the 1967 Omega back in early July. Other than the gold plating and the movement the two watches are incredibly different. What drew me to this watch before I even saw the inside was the linen dial. I am a sucker for rare variants when they are in good enough shape. Little things like this (especially in this condition) can add a lot of value to otherwise standard pieces.

Usually this type of textured dial is a magnet for dirt and before long the white linen begins to look more beige. When I saw such a fragile dial in such great shape I knew that the movement would be in equally well preserved. Fortunately, I was right. When I got the back open I was staring at the most well preserved caliber 560 I have ever seen.

The case had no service marks, and as can be seen the movement is in incredibly good shape. Due to this watch never being serviced the oil had dried or migrated and so the rate of the watch was off by 35 seconds per day. After a full disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and regulating this piece from the 60s is beating properly and keeping excellent time.

Back together and on a new band this is a classic, rare, and near mint dress watch that wonderfully showcases the timeless elegance of vintage Omega. Omega Linen Dial Angle Omega Linen Dial Close-up Omega Linen Dial Side Omega Linen Dial Movement Omega Linen Dial Movement 2

5 comments on “1966 Vintage Omega Caliber 560 with Linen Dial

  1. M K says:

    What a beautiful dial. Thanks for the photos and the review. The 560 caliber movement seems in excellent condition !

  2. John says:

    After purchasing this watch from you, I now wear it daily and it keeps seemingly perfect time. (I’m also wearing it now as I post this.) I love it! You did a great job restoring it.


    • aberlow says:

      I am glad it is working perfectly, worn daily, and appreciated by you! It is always great to know when the pieces I work on go to people who truly enjoy them!

  3. Ronald E Adamski says:

    Wow, my grandmother gave this watch to me when I graduated from high school back in 1966. Its in excellent shape with a then” twist a flex” like band. All original . Never has been opened and works great. I’m sure it’s not a precise as new due to old oil and never been cleaned. I would never sell it but was wondering its worth. Thanks.

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