1953 Hamilton Lyndon CLD

The Hamilton Lyndon is a model that was only manufactured for 2 years. Given its serial number I would have to guess that it was a 1953 making this year its 60th birthday.

This watch came to me dull, not running, and with with an ill-fitting crystal, but cosmetically it was in good shape. After getting the movement back up and running (some old oil and dirt were holding it back) and fitting a new crystal I gave the case a polish and it was back to its former glory.

If you look closely at the dial you will see a little “cld” below the Hamilton name. Pronounced phonetically this sounds out “sealed” (or something close) and that was what this watch was meant to be. The CLD line was designed as one of the first watches designed specifically to be water and dust proof. They achieved this by using a new case design combined with new gaskets. While this is certainly no longer waterproof it is a beautiful and well-designed watch. The champagne dial is a variation I have never seen before, and I think it is a unique touch to an already distinguished piece.

Decoratively, the lugs set this watch apart and add a definitively deco feel to the watch. These wing-like steps are a unique stylistic addition that makes this watch a standout among other plainer vintage Hamiltons and the rest of the CLD line.

Built on the robust caliber 748 (one of my favorite Hamilton movements), this watch should easily run for another 60 years if cared for properly.

Hamilton Lyndon Left  Hamilton Lyndon Flat  Hamilton Caliber 748  Hamilton Lyndon Right

2 comments on “1953 Hamilton Lyndon CLD

  1. gatorbball33 says:

    Is this for sale still?

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